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Despite recent economic gloom in Europe, tourism to the Algarve and Tavira has remained constant and is growing strongly again in 2015. 

Alcoutim Zip Wire

For something completely different, those of an adventurous nature can travel from Spain to Portugal by zip wire and arrive an hour before they depart!  This is possible because of a new (2014) zip line which has been constructed between San Lucar (Spain) and Alcoutim (Portugal).  The zip wire flies you across the river Guadiana in just over a minute and because Spain is one hour ahead, you arrive in Portugal 59 minutes before you left Spain.  Alcoutim is approximately a 45 minute drive from Tavira.

Air Travel to Portugal

There are flights to Faro from numerous UK Airports and airlines flying between the UK and Faro include Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, Monarch, BA, Flybe, Thomas Cook.

Redevelopment at Faro airport

Faro Airport’s main redevelopment is almost complete but some work continues.  Those of you hiring a car from one of the smaller companies will no doubt be asked to collect the vehicle from Car Park 4.  This car park can be found by turning left when coming out of the Terminal Building and following the signs.  It will take about 5 minutes to walk from the Terminal and you should head for the modular building which is situated in Car Park 4.

Car Hire Fuel “Scam”

When booking on-line, take care to read the small print on “fuel policy”.  Some operators will try to charge you for a full tank of fuel asking you to return the vehicle empty.  This can result in an up-front charge of up to 100 Euros and you may not use that amount of fuel depending on the length of your stay and car hire use.  Most reputable companies work on the basis that you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as on collection.  Other aspects to consider when choosing a car hire operator are that some companies request a 20 Euro payment if you are collecting or returning the car out of “normal” hours, usually before 0700 and after 2000.  Also, some companies will charge up to 40 Euros should you wish to take the car across the border into Spain whilst others make no additional charge.  From April 2015, the Airport company now levy a charge of 15 Euros on all car hire pick-ups from Car Park 4.  This is collected direct by the car hire company.

Road Tolls

The main motorway from Faro Airport to Tavira is excellent and usually very quiet but since late 2011 has been subject to road tolls.  The approximate toll from Faro to Tavira is 2 Euro 50 and is charged via overhead cameras on gantreys which pick up the vehicle registration number.  Car Hire companies will charge you approximately 20 Euros cash for the rental of a  car transponder which automatically registers toll charges from the overhead cameras.   Any tolls incurred will then be deducted from your credit card.  These charges are unlikely to be more than 20 Euros unless you spend a lot of your holiday driving the length of the motorway! 


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